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The Senior Management of Engineering EAD accepts to apply a policy of quality management, environment and health and safety working conditions, aimed at:

The ability to continuously deliver products and services that meet the requirements of the client and the applicable legal acts;
Risk prevention through providing safe and healthy working conditions and continuously improving the working process
Sustainable use of resources in order to protect the environment and avoid the adverse impacts of production
Meeting and exceeding the minimum requirements of the regulatory norms regarding health and safety at working, the environment and the economic law 
Continuously improving the performance and achieving the organisation‘s goals

The aforementioned policy is based on the following principles:

Customer orientation – understanding the current and future needs of our cliets and striving to satisfy such needs in order to increase customer satisfaction and added value
Leadership – commitment of the senior management, aimed at having a clear vision and persistance in achieving the intended goals
Employee engagement – encouraging the employees to align with the company‘s mission in order to improve the organisation‘s ability to create value
Process approach – understanding and managing activities as interrelated processes that function as a system of activities
Improvement – maintaining high standards, regarding product quality, environment, safety at work and creation of new opportunities.
Evidence-based decision-making – all decisions are based on data analysis and the presence of information
Relationship management – maintaining a good level of ethics and responsibility in our cooperation with clients, partners, suppliers, etc. in order to increase the efficiency and the benefits of our joint venture

The application of these principles, as well as the compliance with the requirements of the Integrated System of quality management, environment and safety at work, is a personal responsibility and a duty of each staff member.

The Management assumes its responsibility to distribute this policy; to make sure that it is understood and applied by all parties, and to make is available for the relevant parties.

06 March 2017

Petar DANCHEV, Chief Executive Officer
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