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Power ring to BA GLASS plant, Plovdiv – stage 1



Role of ENGINEERING EAD: General contractor

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Contract value: BGN 1,450,000 excluding VAT

Year of implementation: 2021 - 2022

The facility represents the first stage of the replacement of an old radial power supply circuit with the construction of a new 20kV power ring circuit for powering the BA Glass plant in Plovdiv.

By its very nature, the old radial power scheme does not allow the redundancy of the MV supply lines to the individual substations, which can lead to large production losses if one of the lines fails. Thanks to the many successfully executed projects for the investor and the established excellent relationships, Engineering EAD offers the replacement of the existing type of power supply circuit of the enterprise with a new 20kV ring circuit. Our specialists are entrusted with the entire electrical construction and electrical equipment of the project. The construction of the power ring itself is divided into two stages.

The first stage includes the installation of PIX primary devices, which perform the role of the main device for connecting the power ring with the external cable connections to two ESO EAD substations. At this stage, the first of the nine sections of the ring was also built together with the CCTS (concrete complete transformer substation), equipped with Schneider Electric SM6 switchgear and Siemens Simosec to power the plant's compressor stations.

The following types of systems have been delivered and installed:

  • Schneider Electric's PIX medium voltage primary equipment;
  • CCTS with secondary medium-voltage switchgear - SM6 by Schneider Electric and Simosec by Siemens, and the complete switchgear SM6 was manufactured by Engineering EAD based on the license owned by the company;
  • Power transformers;
  • Cable carrying system;
  • Pipe-channel network;
  • Medium voltage cable lines;

You can read about the second stage of the project here.

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