Production of electrical switchboards

Production of electrical switchboards

Production of electrical switchboards

Over the years ENGINEERING EAD has established itself as a preferred company for the production of various types of electrical switchboards. Our switchboards are used in power distribution and transformer stations, in case of need for reactive power compensation, for remote control, in construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants, in shipbuilding, for engine management.
Distribution switchboards - designed for distribution of low voltage electricity in industry, public, administrative, residential buildings and more. Depending on the method of mounting, they can be wall-mounted (for wall mounting or built-in), or free-standing cabinets (single-side or double-side serviced). Factory boxes or cabinets (metal, plastic, polyester) are used, which are assembled, equipped and wired with switching and protective equipment, according to the specific project. Varieties: Power switchboards - for industrial applications, as well as for main switchboards in public and administrative buildings. Boards for own needs direct and alternating current of power plants, substations, etc. Collective / string electrical panels for AC and DC for photovoltaic parks. Modular switchboards - for use mainly in office and residential buildings, or as sub-switchboards in industry. "

Electrometer boards - GET, TEPO, TEMO, TEMZ for measuring the consumed electric energy

Cable distribution cabinets - CDC;

The Electrometer boards and cable distribution cabinets that we produce are compliant and coordinated with the requirements of the Electricity System Operator EAD and the Electricity distribution companies. Factory boxes or cabinets (metal, plastic, polyester) are used.

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Automation switchboards, instrumentation and automation, control panels, MCC (motor control center) boards - We design and manufacture electrical boards for industrial and building automation and control by individual assignment. The control built into the switchboards is with the latest programmable logic controllers (PLC) and / or with contactor-relay control. MCC (motor control center) switchboards. They are used in the construction of industrial and building automation. They monitor the parameters and control the actuators of individual machines or complete technological processes. They contain logical information devices (freely programmable or specialized controllers), input-output expansion peripherals, visualization panels, start-up and protection equipment.

Arrestor switchboards - switchboards with built-in protective devices and devices for prevention of unacceptably large impulse overvoltage on the power supply lines. The elements used in the switchboard meet all national and international standards for overvoltage protection.  

Control and relay boards, control cabinets - Used to control the equipment of electrical substations from the control room. The respective control elements, control and measuring devices and signaling are positioned on the facade of the panel.

Complete compensation systems - CCS are designed to compensate the reactive power. By using capacitor systems, reactive energy can be compensated so that most of it fluctuates between the consumer and the capacitors and not between the power supply and the consumer. In this way, an additional load on the transmission lines and switching devices can be achieved.  Complete capacitor devices are an extremely cost-effective solution for reducing electricity costs.

Repair boards - Stationary and portable boards with moisture-proof contacts and equipped with individual or group fault current protection. Boards can be made of plastic or metal boxes for wall mounting or on a mounting frame.
Automatic reserve switch-on switchgear (ARSS) - They are designed for automatic switching of the installation to backup power supply in case of failure of the main power supply. Depending on the specific requirements and the project, ARSS can be implemented with a contactor circuit, with circuit-breakers with motor drive, with three-position motor disconnectors (load switches). The control can be relay-contactor, with programmable controller, or with specialized controller for ARSS. Due to the big variety, ARSS boards are made according to individual projects.
Non-standard boards - Made according to an individual assignment (provided project) of the client.


We have several workshops fully equipped with the necessary equipment, machines and tools for the production of various types of electrical panels.
Our employees have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of electrical panels.
We know how to design with specialized software such as Solidworks, AutoCad, Ecodial - EcoStruxure Power Build, Eriflex, CanBRASS, Rapsody - EcoStruxure Power Build, DIAlux, SIMARIS design
Our partners are some of the most preferred manufacturers of electrical equipment and components such as Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, Legrand, Danfoss, ETI, Pronutec, Rittal, Elsta, Incobex, ZPUE, DCK Holoubkov and others.
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